Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides American Chemical Society (ACS) approved programs. Students completing a baccalaureate degree that meets the ACS Guidelines will receive an ACS-certified degree. All of the degree concentrations could include the course work and experience necessary to satisfy requirements for ACS certification with proper choice of supporting discipline and elective credits. See an academic advisor in the CSM Advising Office for more information on the requirements for ACS certification and other aspects of these degree concentrations.

  • This concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate school in chemistry or the professional workforce and will satisfy the requirements for American Chemical Society certified Bachelor’s Degree Programs.
  • This concentration is designed to allow flexibility in choosing elective credits that support individual career goals and/or a KSU Minor.
  • This concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate school or a career in the forensic field.
  • This concentration is designed to prepare students for pharmacy school while they work towards a degree in Chemistry. Students may also go to graduate school or work in the pharmaceutical industry after completing this concentration. As pharmacy school prerequisites change, students need to be diligent in ensuring they are meeting the requirements of the pharmacy school they wish to attend. The streamlining of both the requirements for a degree in chemistry and the needed prerequisites is best done in consultation with an academic advisor.

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