TEAM (Transfer. Engagement. Achievement. Momentem) Owl program for transfer students logoAre you transferring to Kennesaw State University (KSU) with a major in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, math, or physics? Then you should join TEAM OWLS in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)!

TEAM OWLS provides the support and assistance that will help you succeed in achieving your degree. In fact, TEAM is an acronym that stands for Transfer Engagement, Achievement, and Momentum. TEAM OWLS makes it easy for you to become engaged in the activities that will help you become a better student to ensure success after you graduate. We want you to be able to achieve all your goals and have the momentum to continue progressing through your degree to graduation.

The components of TEAM OWLS are based upon suggestions from former transfer students. The program is completely free, and your families and friends are welcome to attend many of the workshops and events with you. We know you are busy and have many other responsibilities, so we want to make your life easier by making sure you have the tools to succeed here at KSU, all in one place.

This program is open to transfer students with a major in the College of Science and Mathematics at KSU. Please use the email form in the gray box on this page to confirm your interest in participating. Not a KSU student? Apply now.

  • A community of like-minded students. It’s difficult to meet fellow classmates when you enter a new university. TEAM OWLS ensures that you’ll quickly meet other students in the college, making it easier to find people to study with and talk to about classes.

    Transfer student ambassadors. TEAM OWLS has student ambassadors available to you when you have questions. These students were transfers themselves so they understand where you’re coming from and can provide advice if you run into problems.

    Personalized advising by a dedicated academic advisor. The College of Science and Mathematics has a designated professional advisor to help transfer students with registration issues and degree requirements. CSM Office of Advising »

    Faculty mentors. Participants in TEAM OWLS have access to a network of faculty in each department who can help guide you towards your career goal, whether it’s medical school, working in a research laboratory, or finding a job in the field of your choice. These faculty want you to succeed and are happy to you help however they can.

    Seminars, workshops, and events geared towards helping you succeed and preparing you for your future occupation. TEAM OWLS sponsors events that help you prepare for your future. We have guest speakers from companies, alumni visits, research seminars, and visits from professional schools (such as medical, pharmacy, or dental school). We host a variety of career workshops that expose you to potential careers and help you prepare to apply to jobs after graduation.

    Weekly activities digest. It’s hard to keep track of all the events going on in the College and University. Your TEAM OWLS weekly email digest makes it easy for you by compiling all these opportunities into one place so you save time and don’t miss out on useful activities and workshops.

    We here in the College of Science and Mathematics at KSU want you to succeed. Join TEAM OWLS to simplify your path to graduation!

  • Photo of David MarshDavid Marsh has a background in Human Resources and teaching. He received an English B.A. from Kennesaw State University in 2012 and a Master’s degree in Communication from Georgia State University in 2015. He loves working with students and helping them to achieve their academic goals. After teaching at Kennesaw State part-time, David decided to work as an academic advisor so that he could help students on a full-time basis.
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