Catch the Summer Vibes and enroll in CSM courses!

The College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) offers summer courses that can help you get ahead, catch up and balance your workload across semesters! Choose from online, hybrid (combination of online and on-campus) and flexible schedule classes. Summer schedule is now available!

What CSM classes are still available as of April 17, 2019?

    • Feel Behind? Use Summer to Catch Up! Use the summer to take a class or two so you don’t have to worry about getting off track for graduation.
    • Keep the Momentum; Get Ahead! Give yourself the comfort of getting ahead in your classes! It’ll help ease the burden in the future!
    • Get general education courses out of the way. Knock out a general education course out of the way in a shorter term!
    • Concentrate Your Focus on Fewer Classes. Spend more time focusing on a smaller schedule. Get the extra help outside of class without the time restrictions from other classes!
    • Meet the Prerequisite for your Fall Classes. An important class standing in your way for Fall availability? Knock it out in Summer!
    • Smaller class sizes. Summer demand typically allows for smaller class sizes. The smaller classes provide you with more access to your professor too!
    • Check your Financial Aid. Some aid types exist for Summer - Check with Fin Aid!
    • Campus Benefits
      • Parking can be a hassle in the spring and fall semesters, but there’s less people here in summer!
      • Campus resources are here for you in Summer (SMART Center, SI, Advising, Rec Center, etc...)!
    • Impress potential employers. Impress potential employers on your dedication to finish goals (and possibly finish early).
    • Make new friends. Because summer classes tend to be small, it’s easier to get to know your classmates!

    Registration for Summer 2019 starts March 18th!

    • Biology
      • 1107 Biological Principles 1
      • 1107L Biological Principles 1 Lab
      • 2222 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
      • 3300 Genetics
      • 2201K Introduction to Biotechnology
      • 3370 Ecology
      • 3410 Cell Biology
      • 4475 Virology
      • 4635 Advanced Topics in Microbiology
    • Chemistry
      • 1151 Fundamentals of Chemistry
      • 1211 General Chemistry I
      • 1211L General Chemistry I Lab
      • 1212 General Chemistry II
      • 1212L General Chemistry II Lab
      • 2800 Quantitative Analy Chem
      • 3361 Modern Organic Chemistry I
      • 3361L Modern Organic Chem I Lab
      • 3362 Modern Organic Chemistry II
      • 3500 Biochemistry
    • Environmental Science
      • 3100K Soil & water Science
    • SCI
      • 1101 Science, Society & Environ I
      • 1102 Science, Society & Environ II
    • Statistics
      • 1107 Introduction to Statistics
      • 3120 Statistical Methods I
      • 3125 Biostatistics
      • 3130 Statistical Methods II
      • 4030 Programming in R

    For more information or questions, please contact your advisor »

    • Session
      First Day
      Last Day of Finals
    • May Session
      May 13
      May 24
    • 4-Week Session I
      May 29
      June 25
    • 4-Week Session II
      June 26
      July 24
    • 6-Week Session
      June 11
      July 23
    • 8-Week Session
      May 30
      July 24
    • 10-Week Session
      May 13
      July 24

    Holidays (no classes): May 27 and July 4

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