Student Leaders

Student leaders play an important role in the College of Science and Mathematics’ (CSM’s) Student Success Initiative.

Learning Assistants

Undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) are embedded into courses where they support students while they are actively engaged in learning science and mathematics. Present during each class meeting, LAs communicate confidence and encouragement as they share skills and knowledge and demonstrate how to successfully approach academic challenges.

Supplemental Instructors

Supplemental Instructors (SIs) hold weekly study sessions for students outside of class aimed to increase the learning and retention of all students enrolled in courses supported by the SI program

Dean’s Scholars Council

Members of our Dean’s Scholars Council serve on committees within the college and help to shape decisions about program, curricular, and instructional changes, and they interact with students across the college to foster a sense of belonging and community. Students work closely with the CSM administration to help with the following:

  • Design/redesign degree courses and curricula to reflect students’ professional goals and to complement their life experiences​
  • Develop the leadership culture to support Inclusive Excellence [KC1] ​in the CSM
  • Evaluate the progress the College is making in transforming courses and curriculum through scholarly observations of classrooms​
  • Work with other students across the college to expand the student voice represented in these important endeavors and ensure that no student groups are left out ​

The Dean’s Scholars Council is comprised of a diversity of students with different backgrounds and experiences who represent the different disciplines in the CSM. There is not an application process; Dean’s Scholars are nominated by CSM students, faculty, staff, or administrators.