Student Success

The faculty, staff, and administrators in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) believe that students deserve the best education that we can provide. We work together to ensure that students develop meaningful and relevant knowledge and skills for their chosen field(s) of study. We adapt our instructional practices and pedagogical approaches to meet the changing needs of students and those of society. We seek out feedback from key stakeholders across the campus community and in the workforce to ensure that not only are we meeting students' current needs, but we are positioning them to be competitive upon graduation from Kennesaw State University (KSU). We are committed to student success, because your success is our success.

CSM Student Success Statement from Dr. Mark Anderson

CSM is deeply committed to student success, and place our students at the center of all that we do. In our teaching, research, and service, we continually work toward achieving the following goals:

  1. Increase the percentage of students who enter the STEM disciplines and expand the diversity of ST students by improving their progression through and graduation from STEM degree programs;
  2. Align our curriculum and policies with the needs of today’s students, expanding the use of evidence-based pedagogies; and
  3. Expand the percentage of faculty and staff who understand and address the difficulties faced by our students, who are invested in the mission to increase inclusivity in STEM disciplines, and who will work to support these students through graduation.

Photo of Dr. Mark Anderson, Dean of the College of Science and MathematicsTo this end, we organize first-year and transfer Learning Communities for CSM students to
create a network of peers that support oneanother as students transition into the KSU
environment, and to provide additional supports as student progress throughout their programs. These Learning Communities also develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills and engage students in quantitative reasoning and data analysis. Teams of faculty work together to make instructional innovations that explore ways to incorporate Learning Assistants into their pedagogical practices to foster meaningful student learning. We are also revising our science labs to provide students with early research experiences that involve the study and examination of authentic data.

Through our efforts, we work to ensure that every student receives the support needed to achieve their personal and professional goals. Whether we are working on placing students into the right course, advising students to ensure they are making progress toward completing their degree programs, providing opportunities for self-paced learning, or offering additional supports outside of class, we are resolute in doing everything that we can to make this experience – your experience – a memorable and valuable one.

Thank you for choosing Kennesaw State University and the College of Science and Mathematics. We are honored to have you at the center of our work.


Dr. Mark Anderson
Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics

First-year Learning Communities: Success in Science and Mathematics

Photo of students successfully working together in a group

A learning community consists of 20-25 first-semester students who co-enroll in two or more courses that are linked together with a common theme. The CSM offers multiple learning communities for our first-year students each Fall. The theme of all our communities is Success in Science and Mathematics. Our learning communities are offered on both the Kennesaw and the Marietta campus and the enrollment is limited to students majoring in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computational and applied mathematics, environmental science, mathematics or physics.

Each of our learning communities includes a first-year seminar course (KSU 1101) taught by CSM faculty, advisors or administrators. A first-year seminar is a course especially designed to help first-year students transition successfully into higher education. Kennesaw State University’s seminar course is nationally recognized and award winning. Our version of the KSU 1101 course has the added benefits of providing additional academic support for science and mathematics students, allowing them to form friendships or study groups with other students in their majors and having them learn about and execute success strategies that are particularly important to those majoring in our disciplines.

Every CSM first-year learning community also includes a mathematics course. The math courses available range from College Algebra (MATH 1111) to Calculus I (MATH 1190). A student should choose a learning community by choosing from among those that include his/her advised math course. College Algebra learning communities include two courses, KSU 1101 and MATH 1111. All other learning communities include KSU 1101, the appropriate math course, General Chemistry I (CHEM 1211) and General Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 1211L).