First Year Learning Communities

Photo of a group of students in a physics labWhether students are new to CSM or KSU, CSM learning communities are designed to provide a community of support that brings together different members of the College: students, advisors, faculty, and administrators. Each learning community consists of 20-25 students who co-enroll in two or more courses that are linked together with a common theme. CSM learning communities are offered on both the Kennesaw and the Marietta campus and the enrollment is limited to students with a major in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, or physics.

Through participating in the CSM learning communities, students develop important skills for excelling in science and mathematics-based careers. Students develop growth mindsets through metacognitive exploration, reflection, and guided inquiry; apply appropriate social methods to build scientific and mathematical collaborations; and learn to promote an inclusive environment that expands access for and values the contributions of all students.

Each of our learning communities includes a first-year seminar course (KSU 1101), as well as a mathematics course. For more information about these courses or academic advising, please contact your advisor in the CSM Advising Center.