Big Data Lecture Series

Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Development and Psychometric Analysis of the Metarepresentations Survey for Physics: Understanding Students’ Free-Body Diagrams"

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
ZOOM password: hL2wyP

Gita Taasoobshirazi, Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences at Kennesaw State University.

ABSTRACT: The Metarepresentations Survey for Physics (MSP) was developed to assess students’ metarepresentational knowledge during physics problem solving. The survey was given to 288 introductory-level college physics students. Psychometric properties of the instrument, including construct validity, was evaluated by confirmatory factor analysis and Rasch analysis. We also examined students’ beliefs about the use of free-body diagrams, as well as thoroughly examined the link between students’ problem-solving success and free-body diagrams. We recommend the use of the MSP for physics instructors and science education researchers who want to evaluate students’ free-body diagrams. Additionally, we suggest the subject matter of physics can be replaced with chemistry, genetics, or another science to assess metarepresentations in other domains.

Photo of Gita TaasoobshiraziBIO: Gita Taasoobshirazi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences at Kennesaw State University. Her scholarship includes using multivariate, multilevel, and structural equation models to study the learning sciences, which is an interdisciplinary field that aims to advance the understanding of human learning. The inclusion of multiple variables, nested data, and mediating and moderating effects allows for the opportunity to answer complex questions about the interaction among cognitive, social, and motivational variables. In addition, much of Gita’s work is in psychometrics and involves the development and evaluation of cognitive inventories in the learning sciences. This evaluation is achieved through design-based research methods, structural