Distinguished Awards Nomination Information

The College of Science and Mathematics Distinguished Awards recognize excellence and honor faculty and staff members who have made important contributions. View previous award recipients in the archived CSM Distinguished Award photo galleries.

CSM and KSU Distinguished Faculty Awards

Applications for faculty and staff awards will occur in the Fall with announcement of the award recipients in early Spring. Applications will be due by Monday, November 2, 2020. The Department Awards Committee Chair or Department Chair (in the absence of a Department Awards Committee) is responsible for submitting all applications to SciMathDean@kennesaw.edu.

CSM Faculty Awards. The College of Science and Mathematics will recognize faculty awardees in the following categories in early Spring 2021. Award criteria, eligibility and application materials are described for each award by selecting the award link.

  1. Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award (PDF)*
  2. Outstanding Professional Service Award (PDF)
  3. Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award (PDF)
  4. Outstanding Teaching Award (PDF)
  5. Outstanding Part-time Teaching Award (PDF)
  6. Distinguished Professor Award (PDF)

*The Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award replaces the Mentoring Award for the College since the Teaching Award encompasses mentoring within the award’s criteria.

KSU Faculty Awards. KSU offers University-level faculty awards in each of the 5 award categories listed for the College and 4 additional categories. For more information about these award categories, see the KSU Faculty Awards website. Consideration for University-level awards usually requires the nominee have a minimum of 5 years of service at KSU with a total of 10 years of higher education. Nomination materials for College Award nominees who meet the eligibility requirements for the same KSU faculty award categories (e – i listed below) will be submitted for consideration for the university-level award (unless there is a request by the faculty member not to proceed). These include: Eligible faculty who want to submit materials for consideration for awards a-d listed below, must have all materials submitted to the Dean’s Office no later than 1 week prior to the published deadline on the KSU Faculty Awards website for Deans or designees to submit nominations. Incomplete nomination packets or nomination materials of ineligible faculty will not be submitted.

  1. University Distinguished Professor Award
  2. Outstanding Teaching Award
  3. Outstanding Online Teaching Award
  4. Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award
  5. Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award
  6. Outstanding Professional Service and Community Engagement Award
  7. Outstanding Early Career Faculty
  8. Diversity and Inclusion Award
  9. Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth Faculty Award for Distinguished International Achievement

CSM and KSU Part-Time Teaching Awards

Any part-time teaching faculty with a minimum of two (2) complete years (equivalent to four semesters at KSU; one of which must have been within the last academic year) of teaching at KSU is eligible for this award. The Chair of each department in the College will identify an outstanding, eligible part-time faculty member and write a description of the outstanding teaching and mentoring accomplishments of that person. In November, the department Chairs, Dean and Associate Dean for Student Success will meet to identify the College’s Part-time Teaching Award recipient, who, upon agreement, will move forward for consideration for KSU’s Part-Time Teaching Award.

CSM and KSU Distinguished Staff Awards

Nominations for the CSM Staff Awards is now open and will remain open until Monday, November 2, 2020. The CSM Awards Committee will review all nominations and the award recipient announced in early Spring 2021. Nominations for KSU’s Distinguished Staff Awards can be made independently of the College. Description of the various staff awards and criteria is available on KSU’s Staff Awards webpage. KSU’s Staff Awards webpage.

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