The program of study in physics leading to a Bachelor of Science degree provides students with the opportunity to pursue a major field of concentration in physics with the necessary specialization to succeed in a wide array of post-baccalaureate opportunities.

The study of physics is a good choice for students desiring positions in industry that are on the cutting edge of engineering and science. For example, physics researchers are investigating the fundamental nature of the proton, top quark and Higgs boson production, laser interactions with semiconductors, light on the 10-15 second time scale, quantum-enabled technologies, bioactive glasses, novel magnetic excitations, and black holes. This science is a keystone of technological progress; it also underlies all of engineering, and it is a useful second major for those pursuing degrees in mathematics, electrical or mechanical engineering technology. All of our physics students receive job offers that put them in the front lines of fascinating careers and maximize their earnings potential.

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