Research and Grants Report 2020

  • Publications:

    • Nicole Ferguson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Statistics and Louise Lawson, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics
      Ferguson, A. N.
      , Olsen, I. E., Clark, R. H., Yockey, B. D., Boardman, J., Biron, K., ... & Lawson, M. L. (2020). Differential classification of infants in United States neonatal intensive care units for weight, length, and head circumference by United States and international growth curves. Annals of Human Biology, 1-8. Link »

    • Marco Guzzi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics
      Anderle, D., Dasgupta, M., El-Menoufi, B. K., Guzzi, M., & Helliwell, J. (2020). Groomed jet mass as a direct probe of collinear parton dynamics. The European Physical Journal C, 80(9), 1-25. Link »
    • Jun Ji, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics
      Ji, J., & Wei, Y. (2020). The outer generalized inverse of an even-order tensor. The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 36(36), 599-615. Link »
    • Scott Nowak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
      Howard, A. M., Milner, H., Hupp, M., Willett, C., Palermino-Rowland, K., & Nowak, S. J. (2020). Akirin is critical for early tinman induction and subsequent formation of the heart in Drosophila melanogaster. Developmental Biology. Link »

    • Susan M.E. Smith, Ph.D., Interim Chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Professor of Biology
      Cherny, V. V., Musset, B., Morgan, D., Thomas, S., Smith, S. M., & DeCoursey, T. E. (2020). Engineered high-affinity zinc binding site reveals gating configurations of a human proton channel. Journal of General Physiology, 152(10). Link »

    • Pengcheng Xiao, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
      Su, Jianzhong, Ying Du, Kelley Bevers, Pengcheng Xiao, John Licciardone, Marco Brotto, and Robert J. Gatchel. "Transitioning from acute to chronic pain: a simulation study of trajectories of low back pain." Journal of translational medicine 17, no. 1 (2019): 1-14. Link »
  • Publications:

    • David Garofalo, Associate Professor of Physics
      Garofalo, David. "Merger signatures in low excitation radio galaxies." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2019). Link »

    • Susan M.E. Smith, Interim Chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Professor of Biology
      Richard Banh, Vladimir V. Cherny, Deri Morgan, Boris Musset, SarahThomas, Kethika Kulleperuma, Susan M. E. Smith, Régis Pomès, Thomas E. DeCoursey. Hydrophobic gasket mutation produces gating pore currents in closed human voltage-gated proton channels. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Aug 2019. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Joel McNeal, Assistant Professor of Biology
      Yang, Z., Wafula, E. K., Kim, G., Shahid, S., McNeal, J. R., Ralph, P. E., ... & Person, T. N. (2019). Convergent horizontal gene transfer and cross-talk of mobile nucleic acids in parasitic plants. Nature Plants, 1. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Guzzi, M., & Kidonakis, N. (2020). tZ' production at hadron colliders. European Physical Journal C, 80(5), 1-21. Link »

    • Guest, K., Holliday, S., Johnson, P., Rautenbach, D., & Walsh, M. (2020). Closed-neighborhood union-closed graphs. AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS, 77(2), 144-156. Link (PDF) »

    • Kundu, M., Morris, D. L., Cruz, M. A., Miyoshi, T., Leeper, T. C., & Joy, A. (2020). Elucidating the Molecular Interactions of Encapsulated Doxorubicin Within a Non-ionic, Thermoresponsive Polyester Coacervate. ACS Applied Bio Materials. Link »

    • Calderón‐Díaz, A., Arras, J., Miller, E. T., Bhuvanesh, N., McMillen, C. D., & Stollenz, M. (2020). Ethylene‐Bridged Tetradentate Bis (amidines): Supramolecular Assemblies through Hydrogen Bonding and Photoluminescence upon Deprotonation. European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Link »
  • Publiations:

    • David Garofalo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics
      Garofalo, D., Webster, B., & Bishop, K. (2020). Merger Signatures in Radio Loud and Radio Quiet Quasars. AcA, 70(1), 75-85. Link »

    • Eric Stachura, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics
      Stachura, E. (2020). Acoustic wave propagation in anisotropic media with applications to piezoelectric materials. Applicable Analysis, 1-17. Link »

    • Jennifer Vandenbussche, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Lake Ritter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics, Kadian Callahan, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Success and Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Erik Westlund, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
      Vandenbussche, J., Ritter, L., Callahan, K., & Westlund, E. (2020). Using Strand Committees to Build Faculty Support for Departmental Change. PRIMUS, 1-25. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Steven Edwards, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and William Griffiths, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
      Edwards, S., & Griffiths, W. (2020). On Generalized Delannoy Numbers. Journal of Integer Sequences, 23(2), 3. Link » PDF

    • Martin Hudson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
      Christensen, E. L., Beasley, A., Radchuk, J., Mielko, Z. E., Preston, E., Stuckett, S., ... & Hudson, M. L. (2020). ngn-1/neurogenin Activates Transcription of Multiple Terminal Selector Transcription Factors in the Caenorhabditis elegans Nervous System. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. Link »

    • Somayeh Mashayekhi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics
      Stanisaukis, E., Solheim, H., Mashayekhi, S., Miles, P., & Oates, W. (2020, April). Modeling, experimental characterization, and uncertainty quantification of auxetic foams: hyperelastic and fractional viscoelastic mechanics. In Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials IX (Vol. 11377, p. 113770A). International Society for Optics and Photonics. Link »

    • Jonathan McMurry, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Scott Nowak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
      McMURRY, Jonathan L.
      , John C. Salerno, Scott J. Nowak, Marcus C. Davis, and Kathleen Bartlow. "Signal Molecules as Cell Penetration Agents." U.S. Patent Application No. 16/074,923, filed January 31, 2019. Link »

    • Gita Taasoobshirazi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Statistics
      Fatehi, K., Priestley, J. L., & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2020). The expanded view of individualism and collectivism: One, two, or four dimensions?. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 20(1), 7-24. Link »

    • Jianming Wen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Optical Physics
      Qu, W., Jin, S., Sun, J., Jiang, L., Wen, J., & Xiao, Y. (2020). Sub-Hertz resonance by weak measurement. Nature communications, 11(1), 1-9. Link »

      Ma, J., Wen, J., Ding, S., Li, S., Hu, Y., Jiang, X., ... & Xiao, M. (2020). Chip‐Based Optical Isolator and Nonreciprocal Parity‐Time Symmetry Induced by Stimulated Brillouin Scattering. Laser & Photonics Reviews. Link »

      Fan, H., Zhang, X., Zhao, J., Li, S., Hua, S., Zhao, M., Hu, Y., Wan, W., Zhai, Y., Wen, J. and Jiang, X. (2020). Controllable coupling between an ultra-high-Q microtoroid cavity and a graphene monolayer for optical filtering and switching applications. Optics Express, 28(6), pp.7906-7916. LInk »

      Jiang, Y., Mei, Y., Zuo, Y., Zhai, Y., Li, J., Wen, J., & Du, S. (2019). Anti-Parity-Time Symmetric Optical Four-Wave Mixing in Cold Atoms. Physical review letters, 123(19), 193604. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Kimberly Gardner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Statistics
      Glassmeyer, D., Smith, A., & Gardner, K. (2020). Developing teacher content understanding by integrating pH and logarithms concepts. School Science and Mathematics, 120(3), 165-174. Link »

    • Victor Kane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Statistics
      Kane, V. E.
      (2020). Using Lean Six Sigma implied assumptions. The TQM Journal. Link »

    • Somayeh Mashayekhi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics
      Mashayekhi, S.
      , & Ixaru, L. G. (2020). The least-squares fit of highly oscillatory functions using Eta-based functions. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 112839. Link »
    • Liancheng Wang, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Min Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics

      Wang, L., & Wang, M. (2020). Optimal control to a facultative mutualistic model with harvesting. Differential Equations & Applications, 12(1), 13-27. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Premila Achar, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
      International Research collaboration: Drs. Q Kritzinger & N Lall, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences University of Pretoria, S. Africa and PN Achar, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Kennesaw State University.

      MSc student, Sipho Chauke, University of Pretoria, submitted her MSc thesis at the end of 2019. Her two year research work was reviewed by two external international examiners and both evaluated her thesis as “Novel and with Distinction”. Sipho was co-supervised by Dr. Achar and the team investigated the potential of selected S. African indigenous plants as antifungal agents against Aspergillus flavus in corn. This research collaboration has resulted in poster presentations at S. African Association of Botanists (SAAB, 2018; Best Poster), South African National Seed Organization (SANSOR, 2019) and an oral presentation at the annual congress of SouthAfrican Association for Botanists (SAAB, 2020). A manuscript for publication is in progress. Sipho intends to continue her research as a Ph.D. student, in view of combatting the Aspergillus spp. in corn, an economically important crop in S. Africa. This research will continue to strengthen our international collaboration between Kennesaw State and University of Pretoria.

    • David Garofalo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics
      Garofalo, D., North, M., Belga, L., & Waddell, K. (2020). Why Radio Quiet Quasars are Preferred over Radio Loud Quasars Regardless of Environment and Redshift. The Astrophysical Journal, 890(2), 144. Link »
      Garofalo, D., Spin of the M87 Black Hole. ANNALEN DER PHYSIK 2020, 1900480. Link »
      Garofalo, D., Joshi, R., Yang, X., Singh, C. B., North, M., & Hopkins, M. (2020). A unified framework for X-shaped radio galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal, 889:91 (7pp). Link »
    • Sarah Guindre-Parker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology
      Guindre-Parker, S., & Rubenstein, D. R. (2020). Survival benefits of group living in a fluctuating environment. The American Naturalist. Link »

    • Jennifer Vandenbussche, Ph.D. and Erik Westlund, Ph.D., Associate Professors of Mathematics
      Larsen, V., Vandenbussche, J., & Westlund, E. Hall spectra and extending precolorings with extra colors. Australas. J. Combin., 76(3), (2020), pages 346–365. Link » PDF
  • Publications:

    • Michael Van Dyke, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biochemistry
      Shell Cox, J., & Van Dyke, M. W. (2020). General and Genomic DNA-Binding Specificity for the Thermus thermophilus HB8 Transcription Factor TTHB023. Biomolecules, 10(1), 94. Link »
    • Kadian Callahan, Ph.D.
      Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Success and Associate Professor of
      Mathematics Education
      Smith, W., Callahan, K. M., Mingus, T., & Hodge, A. (2020). Improving Freshman-Level Mathematics Courses via Active Learning Mathematics Strategies. In W. G. Martin, B. R. Lawler, A. E. Lischka, and W. M. Smith (Eds.) The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership: The Power of a Networked Improvement Community to Transform Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation. (pp. 143-175). Charlotte, NC, USA.
  • Publications:

    • Chris Dockery, Ph.D., Assistant Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of Chemistry
      Zuy, Y., Sweck, S. O., Dockery, C. R., & Potts, G. E. (2020). HPLC detection of organic gunshot residues collected with silicone wristbands. Analytical Methods. Link »

    • Thomas Leeper, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
      Khattri, R. B., Morris, D. L., Bilinovich, S. M., Manandhar, E., Napper, K. R., Sweet, J. W., ... & Leeper, T. C. (2020). Identifying Ortholog Selective Fragment Molecules for Bacterial Glutaredoxins by NMR and Affinity Enhancement by Modification with an Acrylamide Warhead. Molecules, 25(1), 147. Link »