KSU R Day 2019

KSU R Day 2019 was a success!!!

The Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences hosted the eighth annual “KSU R Day” on Friday, November 22, 2019. The event featured 48 undergraduate and graduate students presenting 38 posters of research using the statistical software package “R”.  The posters ranged in topics from “Money, Money, Money: Determining the Best Method for Predicting Stock Valuation” to “Marketing to Electric Vehicle Owners: A Win for the Environment, A Win for the Company, A Win for the Members” to “Perceived Stress, Coping Style, and Cortisol in Student Nurses Undergoing High Stakes Testing.” Congratulations to all students who participated!!

Kennesaw State University 'R' Day graduate and undergraduate winners

Undergraduate poster prize winners:

  • First place: Julia Fortenberry
  • Second place: Kyle Kohlheyer
  • Third place: Kara Heller

Graduate poster prize winners:

  • First place: Jonathan Boardman
  • Second place: Shir Offsey
  • Third place: Daniel Waskiewicz and Sharon Pearcey

2019 Keynote speakers included CSM alumna Kat Morgan from Elicit, Korri Jones from Chick-fil-A, and Lauren Chadwick from RStudio. More than 280 people attended, including representatives from 55 companies. Southern Company was a COMMAND level sponsor and JRiSolutions and TransUnion were CODE level sponsors.

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