Research and Grants Report 2018

  • Publications:

    • Dhruba R. Adhikari and Ishwari J. Kunwar, Topological Degrees on Unbounded Domains, Open J. Math. Anal., Vol. 2(2018), Issue 2, pp. 41-50. Link »
    • Croicu, A. M. (2018). An Optimal Control Model to Reduce and Eradicate Anthrax Disease in Herbivorous Animals. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 1-21. Link »
    • Croicu, A. M., & Kolumbán, J. (2018). On a generalized hemivariational inequality on Banach spaces. Results in Mathematics, 73(2), 87. Link »
    • Stollenz, M., Joshi, H., Ehnbom, A., Fiedler, T., Kharel, S., Reibenspies, J. H., ... & Gladysz, J. A. (2018). Platinum Complexes Containing or Derived from Olefinic Phosphines P (X)((CH2) 6CH= CH2) 2 (X= OH, Ph,(CH2) 6CH= CH2); Ring Closing Metatheses, Structures, and trans/cis Isomerizations. Polyhedron. Link »
    • Taasoobshirazi, G., Puckett, C., & Marchand, G. (2018). Stereotype Threat and Gender Differences in Biology. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-16. Link »
    • Issa, H. A., Staes, N., Diggs-Galligan, S., Stimpson, C. D., Gendron-Fitzpatrick, A., Taglialatela, J. P., ... & Sherwood, C. C. (2018). Comparison of bonobo and chimpanzee brain microstructure reveals differences in socio-emotional circuits. Brain Structure and Function, 1-13. Link »
    • Taglialatela, J. P., Milne, S. C., & Evans, R. E. (2018). A Comparison of the Socio-communicative Behavior in Chimpanzees and Bonobos. In Evolution of Primate Social Cognition (pp. 79-93). Springer, Cham. Link »
    • Epping A.J., Taglialatela J.P. (2018) Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative (ACCI). In: Vonk J., Shackelford T. (eds) Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. Springer, Cham. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Williamson, A. L., Derado, J., Barney, B. J., Saunders, G., Olsen, I. E., Clark, R. H., & Lawson, M. L. (2018). Longitudinal BMI Growth Curves for Surviving Preterm NICU Infants Based on a Large US Sample. Pediatrics, e20174169. Link »
    • Raju, M., Bhutani, K. R., Moazzez, B., & Arumugam, S. (2018). On F-domination in graphs. AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics. Link »
  • Publications:

    • Ferreira, D. R., Thornhill, J. A., Roderick, E. I. N., & Li, Y. (2018). The Impact of pH and Ion Exchange on 133 Cs Adsorption on Vermiculite. Journal of Environmental Quality. Link »
    • Polizzi, S. J., Head, M., Barrett-Williams, D., Ellis, J., Roehrig, G. H., & Rushton, G. T. (2018). The use of teacher leader roles in an online induction support system. Teaching and Teacher Education, 75, 174-186. Link »
    • Jackson, P. C., Andrade, J. L., Reyes-García, C., Hernández-González, O., McElroy, T., Us-Santamaría, R., ... & Dupuy, J. M. (2018) Physiological Responses of Species to Microclimate Help explain Population Dynamics along Succession in a Tropical Dry Forest of Yucatan, Mexico. Forests, 9(7), 411. Link »
    • Ackerly, K. L., Krahe, R., Sanford, C. P., & Chapman, L. J. (2018). Effects of hypoxia on swimming and sensing in a weakly electric fish. Journal of Experimental Biology, 221(14), jeb172130. Link »
    • Weng, S. F., Fu, Y. C., Lin, J. W., & Tseng, T. T. (2018). Identification of a Broad-Spectrum Peptidoglycan Hydrolase Associated with the Particle of Xanthomonas oryzae Phage Xop411. Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology, 28, 78-86.  Link »
  • Publications:

    • Morris, D. L., Leeper, T., & Ziegler, C. (2018). Inhibition of Lysozyme’s Polymerization Activity using a Polymer Structural Mimic. Polymer Chemistry. Link »
    • Heddy, B. C., Taasoobshirazi, G., Chancey, J. B., & Danielson, R. W. (2018). Developing and Validating a Conceptual Change Cognitive Engagement Instrument. In Frontiers in Education (Vol. 3, p. 43). Frontiers. Link »
    • Nadelson, L.S.; Heddy, B.C; Jones, S.; Taasoobshirazi, G. & Johnson, M. (2018). Conceptual Change in Science Teaching and Learning: Introducing the Dynamic Model of Conceptual Change. International Journal of Educational Psychology, 7(2), 151-195. Link »
    • Wu, X. P., & Wang, L. (2018). Analysis of Oscillatory Patterns of a Discrete-Time Rosenzweig–MacArthur Model. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 28(06), 1850075. Link »
  • Publications:

  • Research and grants:

    • Martin Hudson received $15,657 from ADRx, Inc. to investigate the efficacy of a peptide-based approach for treating taupathies, a class of neurodegenerative diseases that includes Alzhiemer's.


    • Herschy, B., Chang, S.J., Blake, R., Lepland, A., Abbott-Lyon, Heather, Sampson, J., Atlas, Z., Kee, T.P., Pasek, M.A. 2018. Archean phosphorus liberation induced by iron redox chemistry. Nature Communications 9, 1346. doi:
    • Goodwin J.M., Chrestensen Carol A., Moomaw Ellen W. (2018) Detection of Nitric Oxide by Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry. In: Mengel A., Lindermayr C. (eds) Nitric Oxide. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1747. Humana Press, New York, NY.
  • Research and grants:

    • Gene Ray received $60,000 from Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions Inc. for Center for Statistics and Analytical Research students to develop a model to improve the predictability of maintenance-related failures or process improvements in climate technologies.


    • Shah, L., Hao, J., Schneider, J., Fallin, R., Linenberger Cortes, K., Ray, H. E., & Rushton, G. T. (2018). Repairing Leaks in the Chemistry Teacher Pipeline: A Longitudinal Analysis of Praxis Chemistry Subject Assessment Examinees and Scores. Journal of Chemical Education.
  • Research and grants:

    • Jennifer Vandenbussche, Kadian Callahan, Laura Ritter and Eric Westlund received $93,249 from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities to implement a course coordination program in Precalculus and Calculus 1 that will support the course instructors in adopting these proven practices. It is part of the SEMINAL project, funded by NSF, a large collaboration of 12 institutions nationwide seeking to increase the use of active learning in gateway mathematics courses.


    • Moazzez, B., & Soltani, H. (2018). Integer programming approach to static monopolies in graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 1-33., & Soltani, H. (2018). Integer programming approach to static monopolies in graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 1-33.
    • Kidonakis, N. (2018). Higher-order radiative corrections for b b→ H− W+. Physical Review D, 97(3), 034002.
    • Kidonakis, N. (2018). Higher-order corrections for tZ production via anomalous couplings. Physical Review D, 97(3), 034028.
  • Research and grants:

    • Tom Leeper received $30,801 from the University of Pittsburgh and National Institutes of Health to work with a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh trying to understand how a molecule named Larp1 regulates the many layers of protein synthesis. When Larp1 is deregulated, ovarian, cervical, liver, and breast cancer result. The team's work will reveal the mechanisms of Larp1 that can be targeted for the future design of chemotherapeutics to treat these diseases.


    • Peek J., Harvey C., Gray D., Rosenberg D., Kolla L., Levy-Myers R., Yin R, McMurry J., Kerscher O. (2018) SUMO targeting of a stress-tolerant Ulp1 SUMO protease. PLoS ONE 13(1): e0191391.
  • Research and grants:

    • Bill Ensign received $15,000 to participate in a research project conducted by The Nature Conservancy, Paulding County, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service that seeks to eliminate a major barrier to fish passage in the Raccoon Creek aquatic community, home to 43 native fishes.


    • Hoffman, C., de la Rosa, M., Anderson, M. R., Rhodine, C., & Kuhr, W. G. (2017). Commercialization of Novel Electrochemical Sensors for Volatile Organics. ECS Transactions, 80 (10), 1319-1332.
    • Gabriel, K. T., Sexton, J. D. and Cornelison, C. T. (2017), Biomimicry of volatile-based microbial control for managing emerging fungal pathogens. J Appl Microbiol. Accepted Author Manuscript.
    • Garner, M. L., Watson, V., Rogers, B. and Head, C. (2017), Influence of a Mathematics Teachers' Circle on Elementary Teachers' Use of Problem Solving. School Science and Mathematics, 117: 317–328.