August 10, 2018

2017-2018 CSM Distinguished Awards announced, congratulations!

We are proud to announce the 2017-2018 CSM Faculty & Staff Distinguished Award recipients:

  • Scholarship Award: Michael Van Dyke, Associate Professor of Biochemistry (CHEM)
  • Service Award: Heather Abbott-Lyon, Associate Professor of Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Staff Award: Matthew Rosenberg, Laboratory Professional II - Chem & Biochem & Part Time Instructor of Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Mentoring Award: Sherry Ni, Interim Chair of the Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences and Professor of Statistics (STAT)
  • Professor Award: Joseph DeMaio, Director of the Masters of Applied Statistics and Professor of Mathematics and Data Science (STAT)
  • Teaching Award: Janet Shaw, Associate Professor of Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Part-time Teaching Awards:
    • Ann Denton, Part-Time Instructor of Chemistry (CHEM)
    • Max Crocker, Ph.D., Limited Term Assistant Professor of Biology (EEOB)
    • Nelda Hadaway, Part-Time Assistant Professor of Mathematics (MATH)
    • Melony Parkhurst, Part-Time Instructor of Statistics (STAT)
  • Distinguished Scholarship Award - Michael Van Dyke
  • Distinguished Service Award - Heather Abbott-Lyon
  • Distinguished Staff Award - Matthew Rosenberg
  • Distinguished Mentoring Award - Sherry Ni
  • Distinguished Professor Award - Joseph DeMaio
  • Distinguished Teaching Award - Janet Shaw
  • Distinguished Part-time Award - Max Crocker, Ph.D.,
  • Distinguished Part-time Award - Melony Parkhurst
  • Distinguished Part-time Award - Nelda Hadaway