April 30, 2018

CSM honors 2017-2018 Outstanding Graduating Students

Photo of the College of Science and Mathematics outstanding graduating student award recipients and their faculty mentorsCongratulations to the nine College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Outstanding Graduating Student Award recipients! The students and their faculty mentors were honored on Saturday, April 28th with a ceremony and reception.

The College's 2017-2018 student recipients and their Faculty Mentors are:

  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • M.S. in Chemical Sciences: Omar Ugarte Trejo
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Stollenz, Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
    • B.S. in Biochemistry: Kevin Patel
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carol Chrestensen, Professor of Biochemistry
    • B.S. in Chemistry: Reagan Hooper
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniela Tapu, Professor of Chemistry

  • Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
    • M.S. in Integrative Biology: James Thornhill
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel Ferreira, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
    • B.S. in Environmental Science: Rebecca Webster
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joel McNeal, Assistant Professor of Biology

  • Department of Mathematics
    • B.S. in Mathematics: Lee Spence
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dhruba Adhikari, Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • B.S. in Biology: David Axford
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan McMurry, Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Chemistry

  • Department of Physics
    • B.S. in Physics: Matthew Forslund
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nikolaos Kidonakis, Professor of Physics

  • Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences
    • M.S. in Applied Statistics: Jonathan Boardman
      • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sherry Ni, Associate Professor of Statistics

Each year, department faculty in the College of Science and Mathematics choose one outstanding graduating student per academic degree program. Outstanding students are selected based on notable achievements within their major, including having earned an exceptional GPA, as well as in extracurricular, research or professional activities.