June 6, 2014

Kennesaw State students earn research awards from Birla Carbon

Ten undergraduate students each receive $4,000 for summer research in science and mathematics

KENNESAW, Ga.  (June 6, 2014) — Summer is usually a time when college students are either taking a break from their studies or looking for ways to make some extra cash. For 10 Kennesaw State University students in the Birla Carbon Scholars Program, summer has become an opportunity to advance scientific and mathematical research.

The new scholars program was developed in April 2014 with a $250,000 pledge from Birla Carbon, a global manufacturer and supplier of carbon black additives, to support research opportunities for students in Kennesaw State’s College of Science and Mathematics. The program kicked off this summer with 10 Kennesaw State students each receiving a $4,000 stipend. This year’s inaugural scholars are:

  • Amber Caldara, a junior majoring in biology;
  • Daniel Hoffman, a junior majoring in biology;
  • Samuel Keenan, a junior majoring in biology;
  • Alden Lathrop, a junior majoring in biochemistry;
  • James Law, a junior majoring in biochemistry;
  • Bradley Norvell, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry;
  • Aaron Pital, a junior majoring in biochemistry;
  • Alberto Romero, a senior majoring in biology;
  • Dennys Rosales, a junior majoring in mathematics; and
  • Maredith Sapp, a junior majoring in biology.

Each student scholar will work side-by-side with faculty researchers on projects dealing with topics from coastal ecosystems to traffic patterns on I-75. They will present their research and findings at an end-of-term symposium in August, and the top student will receive $2,000 toward travel expenses to present his or her research at a national scientific conference during the upcoming academic year.

“Many students are not able to explore summer research programs because they must work full time between the spring and fall semesters,” said Jonathan McMurry, associate dean of research of the College and Science and Mathematics. “This stipend allows them time and financial freedom to expand their research skills outside of the classroom and continue Kennesaw State’s tradition of academic excellence.”

Applicants for the annual scholarship must be freshman, sophomores or juniors during the spring semester in which they apply for the program and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. In addition to the scholars program, funds from the Birla Carbon gift will be used to provide research supplies needed for faculty assisting students and supplies needed for the end-of-the term symposium.