Workshop on Methods in Nonlinear Analysis

Kennesaw State University Department of Mathematics will be hosting a mini-course research workshop on Methods in Nonlinear Analysis on April 15-18, 2020.

The workshop will be focused on topological and variational methods for analyzing a diverse class of nonlinear partial differential equations that involve p-Laplace operators, as well as methods of solutions of differential equations on metric graphs. The study of such methods aids the understanding of appropriate tools needed for the analysis and solvability of general p-curl systems arising, for example, from a model of type-II superconductors. The existence of multiple solutions of such systems is also of increasing interest to the community of nonlinear analysis, as are problems that involve various nonlinear perturbations of p-Laplace operators.

The workshop will be composed of series of lectures delivered by the following three leading experts in a wide variety of methods in nonlinear analysis.

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Alfonso Castro is a leading expert on semilinear equations and their multiple solutions by using topological and variational methods. He is also an expert in inverse problems and water waves (solitons).

Evans Harrell is a leading expert on the mathematics of quantum mechanics and on problems connecting geometry to eigenvalues of differential equations. His recent contributions are in spectral theory on combinatorial and quantum graphs.

Ratnasingham Shivaji is a leading expert in nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems with nonlinearities of positone and semipositone types. His recent contributions are in the existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of infinite semipositone 𝑝-Laplacian problems in a ball.