CSM Repeat Override

The College of Science and Mathematics has updated their Repeat Override policy for all courses in our college.  KSU's university-wide policy mandates that a student request permission for a third attempt in any course from the college that houses it.  The College of Science and Mathematics does not want to prevent you from the ability to sign up for a third attempt, but will require that you complete a CSM Repeat Contract so that we can better support you and your success!

A student will be required to complete a multi-step process before receiving access to the intended CSM course(s).  These steps are designed to maximize your success in the course.

1) Download the CSM Repeat Approval Worksheets here.
2) Schedule a meeting with your intended major's advising office.  You can find a list of advisors here.
3) Complete the worksheets with your advisor.
4) Print the CSM Repeat Contract and bring it to the CSM Advising Center.
**The third repeat contract must be given to us on the Monday prior to registration beginning in order to ensure that it be processed before registration opens.  If you are unable to get it to us by that day, we will begin processing overrides again after all time tickets have opened.  Outside of the time ticket week ban, overrides will be processed within 72 business hours.  If you have not seen a processed override in your account, please email the Director of CSM Advising to inquire about your form.  Time tickets are typically assigned to open through a span of one business week.  Please open the academic calendar for the beginning of registration.
1) Download the CSM Fourth+ Attempt Request here.
2) Complete necessary pieces and attach optional supporting files.
3) Print the CSM Fourth+ Attempt Request to the CSM Advising Center.
4) Wait for a response.
***Submitting this packet doesn't guarantee your approval.  CSM is handling requests on a case by case basis.  You might be asked for clarifying information or be requested to appear in front of the CSM Repeat Committee.  If additional information is needed, you will receive an email within two business weeks.  You must submit the fourth attempt paperwork two weeks prior to the first day of classes for it to be considered for that semester (for Summer 2019 and beyond).
Please continue to check your "Registration" tab on Owl Express.  Under the "Registration Status and Time Ticket" section, you will be able to see any overrides that have been processed on your behalf.  You will not receive an email.

Want some clarification on the process?  Download these help guides!

CSM Repeat Approval Student Instructions (for third attempt)
CSM Repeat Approval Advisor Instructions (for third attempt)