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Course Overrides

To ensure that course override information is fair and consistent for students, the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) has created universal policies across departments for the handling of three types of overrides. Please note that transient and non-degree seeking students must also ensure that they are meeting CSM's procedure on courses and access. The policies are listed below:

  • Due to the nature of the courses in CSM, we want to give students the highest possibility of success in our courses.  Because of this, courses in CSM have a "No prereq override" policy.  A student must meet the prerequisite for a course that they intend to take.

    If you have taken the prerequisite at another institution, please email an advisor to request a prerequisite override. We will need to see proof that you have or are currently completing the prerequisite elsewhere.

    • We have one form that is used for NON-STEM majors needing either SCI 1102 courses. Please read the policies and fill out this form.
    • We have one form that can be used to direct an override request for a MATH course. Please read the policies and fill out this form.
    • All other requests need to be sent to a CSM advisor and you must meet the prerequisite for the course you are requesting a prereq override for.

    You're getting a prereq error for the lab from waitlist: If you have received a notification from the waitlist that a lab seat is available to you, BUT you have not gotten into the lecture yet, you do not meet the requirement to register for the lab.  You will need to get into a lecture seat before grabbing your lab seat from the waitlist.  This is not something that we can fix because we cannot affirm that you have gotten into your lecture seat to keep the override in place.

    Registering or swapping courses that are corequisites.  Please click here for information on registering for corequisites.

    I am a Transient or Non-Degree Student needing to take a course in this college. Please email when you have received acceptance to KSU and share the courses that you are interested in taking for instructions on your next steps (MATH, CHEM, BIOL, PHYS, SCI, STAT, and ENVS courses are housed in this college). Include your KSU ID# in that email to assist with looking into your account.

  • We recognize that certain courses are extremely popular in our college. We are constantly trying to meet demand for our courses. But, this sometimes still means that a class you wish to take fills up. To best utilize the systems available at KSU (wait-lists), CSM has a "No closed class override" policy. We want all students to have an equal chance at getting into a class.

    Please review KSU wait-listing information here.

  • KSU has established a policy that requires that a student reach out to the college or department that houses the course to request or gain access to a third attempt at a course. The Repeat Policy for CSM exists to allow students that have not had the opportunity to attempt a course the ability to register for available seats. Then, CSM's Repeat Policy will allow you access to registering for the course around Final Registration (before classes begin during Drop/Add). Please fill out our Repeat Override Form and make sure to read all policy information on the form.

Course Substitutions

If you think a transfer credit ("T") could be a substitution for a KSU course, then get your course description and/or a course syllabus from the other school, then email the appropriate advisor, your KSU ID #, major, course request, course syllabus (or course description if only justification available) from the other school. NOTE: Very few STAT courses can be substituted from transfer credit outside of KSU.

  • Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology & Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences
  • Department of Mathematics & Department of Physics

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