Course Substitutions

If you think a transfer credit ("T") could be a substitution for a KSU course, then get your course description and/or a course syllabus from the other school, then email the appropriate advisor, your KSU ID #, major, course request, course syllabus (or course description if only justification available) from the other school. NOTE: Very few STAT courses can be substituted from transfer credit outside of KSU.

  • Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology & Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • BIO Courses: ASTR, BIOL, ISCI, & SCI
    • Michael Robinson (last name A-H), Sarah North Wolfe (I-Q), or Hannah Santoro (last name R-Z)
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • CHEM Courses
    • Catherine (Katie) Morgan
  • Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences
    • STAT Courses: MATH 1107 or STAT 3125
    • David Marsh
  • Department of Mathematics & Department of Physics
    • MATH, PHYS courses
    • David Marsh

KSU/SPSU Course Equivalency

The KSU/SPSU Course Equivalency Crosswalk allows faculty and staff to find an equivalency between KSU and SPSU courses. These classes will be labeled New U Course.