Meet with an Advisor

The CSM Advising Team offers advising for the following majors: 

B.S. Biology, B.S. Environmental Science, B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Mathematics, and B.S. Physics

We offer two types of meetings with virtual and in-person availability:

  • Advising Appointment – a 30-minute scheduled meeting with your assigned Academic Advisor. This option is best when you are looking to plan for future semesters, review your progress toward graduation, or address advising-related holds.
  • Drop-In – students can drop-in to see the Academic Advisor that is on duty to ask quick questions. These meetings are usually no more than 15 minutes long and can be subject to a wait time.
  • Appointment Availability:

    We are currently available for scheduled advising appointments Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 11:30 AM and 1 PM – 4:30 PM.

    Book an Appointment with EAB
  • For fall semester, we will be available for Drop-Ins:


    Monday – Friday

    9:00am – 11:30am &

    1:00pm – 4:30pm


    In-Person Drop-Ins:

    • Drop by Science Building room #204 on the Kennesaw Campus.
    • Check-in at the front desk, and then sit in the waiting area. The first available advisor will call you back when it is your turn.

    Virtual Drop-Ins (Microsoft Teams):

    Follow these instructions to join the waiting list for a virtual drop-in:

    1. Login to Microsoft Teams

      • Download and log into Microsoft Teams (you will log in using the same log in information as your KSU email). There is also a phone application you can download, if easier!

    2. Add yourself to the CSM Advising Virtual Drop-Ins Team

      • When in Microsoft Teams, click the tab/icon for Teams, and it will show you any teams you are a member of.
      • In the top right corner or bottom left corner, click “Join or Create Team.” Use the “Join a team with a code” box to enter the team code: 5s7o02n.


    Team Code



    3. Sign-In to See an Advisor

      • When you enter the Team, you will notice a “General” chat page that is our sign-in sheet.
      • Type your major into the chat to add yourself to the waiting list. You will only need to sign-in with one chat per visit.
      • If for any reason you need to leave before being helped, please reply to your own chat with “I will come back later.”

    4. How Will the Advisor Start My Meeting?

      • An advisor will send you an individual chat when you are next in line. If you do not respond within 3 minutes, you will just need to put yourself back into the advising queue with a new chat.

    If you need any support with getting to the Team, please email