Summer/Fall 2021 Registration is here!

Spring 2021 is in full-swing and Summer and Fall registration for current students has begun! Please look below for our operational schedule.  We have appointments and drop-ins available!

Please continue to check the KSU website for information pertaining to Covid-19 and health and safety initatiatives the university is taking.

  • Due to the need for social distancing, the CSM Advising space is unable to meet the expectation of face to face advising within our offices.  Due to this, we will be hosting virtual appointments and drop-ins.

    Please be aware of important KSU calendar information-


    1. Set up an Appointment via the Navigate software 
    2. Follow the instructions below based on type of appointment scheduled
      We will be using “Microsoft Teams” for our virtual appointments.  
      • Download and ensure you can log into Microsoft Teams 
        • Teams is available on the Microsoft Teams website for download and on many smartphone platforms 
      • You will log in using the same log in information as your KSU email 
      • No other step needed! Your academic advisor will send you a personal message at the start of the appointment.
      • Please include your best contact number in the notes section when scheduling your appointment. If you don't, please ensure that you email your academic advisor with the appropriate contact information (phone number) you would like for them to call for your appointment 
    • You can check for our Drop-in Times on our Appointments page! (Towards the bottom)
    • Download and ensure you can log into Microsoft Teams (you will log in using the same log in information as your KSU email)
      • There is also a phone application you can download, if easier!
    • When in Microsoft Teams, you should see a tab/icon for Teams. Click it and when on the Teams page, it will show you any teams you are a member of. In the top right corner, you will see Join or Create Team. Please click it and use the Join a team with a code option.
      • THE TEAM CODE IS: 0412se4
      • It should add you to our Sci/Math Advising Drop-Ins Team
    • When you enter the Team, you will notice a “General” chat page. We are using this chat page as our sign-in sheet. ONLY CHAT ONE TIME PER VISIT. You will chat the type of advising you are interested in.
      • For example, if I'm here for biology, then I’d type in the chat “BIOLOGY.”
      • An advisor will send you an individual chat when you are next in line and ask if you’d like to type a chat back and forth or do a video call.
        • If for any reason you need to leave before being helped, please reply to your own chat with “I will come back later.”
        • If you do not respond to the individual chat in 3 minutes, the advisor will need to move on to the next student and you will have to put yourself back into the advising queue with a new chat.
      • If you need any support with getting to the team, please email
  • To ensure that advisors have the opportunity to answer in as timely a manner as possible, you MUST email the individual listed based on academic major/last name.


    Last name A-E: Michael Robinson (

    Last name F-L: Xavier Cammon (

    Last name M-R: Elizabeth "Anne" Chaplin (

    Last name S-Z: Jessica Layfield (


    Last name A-L: Patrick Nugent (

    Last name M-Z: Patrick Nugent (


    Last name A-Z: Jaely Cruz (


    Last name A-Z: David Marsh (



    Hannah Santoro:

  • How will I find detailed information about my Spring 2021 schedule?

    Due to social distancing requirements, your face-to-face classes this spring may continue to use rotational attendance. Your professors will be posting directions and requirements in D2L about your first class meeting. Please make sure to review this information for each class prior to entering any face-to-face class setting. Due to social distancing requirements, it is possible you may not be in a physical setting for the first class session. These communications to you will be available in D2L beginning January 7.

    In case you find yourself taking an online course in Spring 2021, CSM Advising has gathered tips for assisting in your success while taking online courses from multiple sources.  Please look into the below resources as different strategies might be found in each of the items:

    KSU Resources are still here for you!

    Tips created by KSU's Coles College of Business

    Tips created by Texas A&M's Academic Success Center

**The School of Data Science and Analytics is housed in the College of Computing and Software Engineering.  This includes "STAT" courses.  Please click here for information about statistics.**

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