Mentor Protégé

Request for Proposals

The Mentor Protégé Research Program within the College of Science and Mathematics is a strategic initiative that incorporates undergraduate research into the fabric of the College's degree programs. The program enhances student learning and provides the opportunity to learn relevant research skills connecting classroom activities with "real" problems using "real" technology. Students engage in research through close collaboration with faculty to learn science by doing science. The long-term value for students to improve analytical thinking and problem solving while building confidence as scientific thinkers as well as writing and presentation skills are significant regardless of the student's ultimate profession.

The Mentor Protégé Research Program is designed to serve a two-fold purpose: First, it provides undergraduate students the opportunity to further their research interest and skills. In many cases students also have the opportunity to participate in scholarly activity by becoming a co-author on a research paper, conference proceeding, conference presentation or conference poster. Funded proposals will have plans for engaging the targeted student(s) in applied or basic research and for disseminating results of that research regionally or nationally. Students are expected to participate at a minimum in the Kennesaw State University Undergraduate Scholarship Symposium. Secondly, the Mentor Protégé Research Program should serve as seed funding for research projects with students that may lead to larger externally funded research project.

The program is designed to provide awards of up to $4,000 for supplies, equipment, and travel expenses for research projects involving collaboration between professors and students. Acceptance, declination, or pending acceptance with recommended modification of proposals will be based on:

  1. Describe the nature and scope of the project.
  2. Outline the role of the student(s) in the project, name, KSU id#, anticipated number of hours in the lab per week, and classification.
  3. Briefly explain results from previously funded Mentor Protégé projects.
  4. Provide budget request with short narrative for related cost. Explain the spending timeline of requested funds.
  5. Discuss dissemination plans.
  6. Specifically list the external grants or contracts to be sought related to this research proposal for continuing or expanding the research project.

All proposals should contain the above referenced components in an Adobe pdf or Microsoft word document. The document should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages utilizing a 12 point font. Additionally, please attach a two-page vita utilizing the National Science Foundation biographical sketch format.

Proposal submissions will be accepted from tenure-track or tenured faculty from February 1st to March 31st of each academic year. Submit all proposals to with a subject line of Mentor Protégé Proposal. Projects will be reviewed and recommended for funding by the College Awards Committee with anticipated funding notification by April 30th of each academic year. Project funding is dependent on availability of funds. Awarded projects will have access to allocated funds for the upcoming fiscal year from July 1st – May 31st. Funds will not be carried over from one fiscal year to the other. All funded projects are expected to submit a summary report by June 30th. Previously funded projects that have not submitted summary reports will not be considered for funding