Please read through this page before making an appointment with an advisor through our SSC Campus software.

  • When you log in to the software, click "GET ADVISING" in the top right corner.
  • If you are interested in or are currently working on a major in the College of Science and Mathematics, please schedule an appointment in the College of Science and Mathematics Location. Below you will find a list of our majors:
    • B.S. Biology, B.S. Environmental Science, B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Computational and Applied Mathematics, B.S. Mathematics, and B.S. Physics
  • We have advisors responsible for different populations of students in our college. Please schedule with the appropriate advisor-
    • Michael Robinson: Students with Last Names A-H in Biology and Env Sci
    • Sarah North Wolfe: Students with Last Name I-Q in Biology and Env Sci
    • Hannah Santoro: Students with the Last Name R-Z in Biology and Env Sci
    • Brenda Humble Bates: Students in Biochemistry and Chemistry
    • David Marsh: Students in Mathematics and Physics
  • We will consistently update our availability in two week windows.  If no time is available, please check back for updated, future availability.  We often book up. Or, if an appointment is not necessary to address your concern, please email the appropriate advisor. Our advisor contact information can be found here.
  • Please continue to check the CSM Advising Center homepage for up to date information on appointments, walk-ins, and all things advising in our college!

Log in to SSC Campus to Schedule an Appointment

Walk-Ins for Spring 2018 Semester! (Starting Jan 22nd)

  • We will have an assigned advisor available for walk-ins on Monday-Thursday! Please note: While we ALWAYS want to be available for you, things do come up! We might have a meeting, get sick, be out of the office, etc.  So, you might want to check for available appointments BEFORE utilizing our walk-in schedule.  But, here are the days and people assigned to a given walk-in day:
    • Monday: Brenda Bates and David Marsh
    • Tuesday: David Marsh
    • Wednesday: Hannah Santoro and Sarah North Wolfe
    • Thursday: Michael Robinson
  • Expect the person to typically be available from 9:00AM-11:00AM and 1:00PM-4:00PM!